About Blue Beaker

Blue Beaker Wesmont, IL

Blue Beaker closed its doors in December of 2015.  We are clearancing out what remains here online. 

Thank you to everyone who made Blue Beaker what it was - from the customers, to my employees, to my sales reps, UPS drivers, FedEx drivers, mailmen, landlords and everyone else who day to day help turn the wheels of my shop.


I am often asked what the name Blue Beaker means.  In the beginning when there was only soap, Blue Beaker meant water chemistry - "blue" for the color of water, and "beaker" for chemistry. We have branched out in a lot of ways since then, but the name has stayed the same.

Blue Beaker was started in 2008. Never a life long dream or even a well thought out plan, what started as a very small farmers market business has now blossomed into a large retail store selling much more than soap and lip balm - though those remain the main staple of the store and why people return time and again.

The doors of our first brick and mortar store opened in April of 2010. We started in a small store on La Salle Street in historic downtown Ottawa and in June of 2014 moved to 140 North Cass in Westmont, Illinois. People often walk in and look around and are sometimes mildly confused at the mix of what's inside. I often tell people that my store is what the inside of my head looks like.  Blue Beaker is a place filled with things that I love, and I'm sure that there is something that you will find to love too.